SIA and SilkAir forced to reschedule S. Korea flights

Six flights between Singapore and South Korean cities Seoul and Busan were rescheduled yesterday due to Typhoon Lingling, Singapore Airlines (SIA) said.

Four SIA flights and two by SilkAir were affected.

In a Facebook advisory, SIA said Flights SQ612 and SQ600 from Singapore to Seoul were retimed.

Flight SQ612, scheduled to depart at 2.25am, left at about 1am, and the departure time for SQ600 was moved from 8am to 12.40pm.

Flights SQ611 and SQ609 from Seoul to Singapore were also retimed.

Flight SQ611, scheduled to depart at 11.20am from Seoul, was retimed to 9.35am.

The departure of Flight SQ609, originally scheduled at 4.40pm, was postponed to 9.20pm.

Planes in South Korea were grounded while thousands of homes were left without electricity due to Typhoon Lingling.

Strong winds and rain affected the southern resort island of Jeju and southern mainland regions, according to the South Korean Ministry of Interior and Safety.

Two SilkAir flights between Singapore and Busan were retimed due to the typhoon.

Flight MI18, from Singapore to Busan, was renumbered to Flight MI9876. The flight, which was scheduled to depart on Friday night at 11.35pm, left instead at 7am yesterday.

Flight MI875, renumbered to MI9875, from Busan to Singapore, was pushed back. The flight was originally scheduled to depart at 8.30am but was retimed to 3.25pm.

According to SIA, Flights SQ608, SQ607, SQ602 and SQ603 operated as per their scheduled departure times.

SIA advised customers to update their contact details or subscribe to a mobile notification service to receive updates to their flight status.

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