Updated Registers of Electors open for viewing; more than 2.59m Singaporeans eligible to vote

SINGAPORE – The updated voter rolls of Singaporeans eligible to vote in the next general election are now open for public inspection, the Elections Department (ELD) said on Monday (April 15).

There are a total of 2,594,740 electors in the Registers of Electors, which were certified on Monday. This is about 80,000 more people than the 2,515,322 when the registers were last revised in 2017.

The ELD said those who did not vote in a past election and had their names removed from the register as a result can apply to have their names restored, so that they can vote in future elections.

This has to be done before the election period, as applications for restoration will not be processed from the day the writ for an election is issued until after Nomination Day, if the election is not contested, or until after Polling Day.

Singaporeans living abroad, whose names are in the registers, may register as overseas electors to vote at one of the designated overseas polling stations if they have not done so after Feb 1, 2019.

But they must have resided in Singapore for an aggregate of at least 30 days during the three-year period between Feb 1, 2016 and Jan 31, 2019.

While application for registration as an overseas elector is open all year round, applications will not be processed from the third day after the writ for an election is issued until after Nomination Day, if the election is uncontested, or until after Polling Day.

The ELD said Singaporeans can check their particulars in the registers at its premises on Prinsep Street, on its website at https://www.eld.gov.sg/online.html, or at community centres and community clubs.

Those living overseas can check at Singapore missions that serve as polling stations in New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, London, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Canberra and Dubai.

Information to check includes details such as name, gender and address, among other things.

The last general election took place in September 2015 and the next must be held by April 2021.

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